With over 15 years’ experience of providing Accredited Drug testing and alcohol tests for the workplace and individuals, we can provide a testing solution that is tailor made for you.

We are part of Crystal Health Group which is an established occupational health drug testing provider. The company performs thousands of drug tests throughout the UK and Ireland each year to commercial organisations, the public sector & private individuals.

Our commitment to providing quality testing services is demonstrated through annual ISO Certification. Highly trained and qualified Clinical Advisors will guide and support you through the process from your initial enquiry to reporting test results and post testing service options.

Drug Testing Options

We provide an extensive range of drug testing services. For private individuals, legally defensible urine and hair drug tests are available to prove abstinence. For workplace drug testing, we have a number of options available to suit the needs of your business. Whatever you requirements, our graduate educated Clinical Advsiors can talk you through the advantages of each test, ensuring you choose the best option available for your circumstances.

Types of Tests

Oral fluid screen and confirmation drug test

This is a laboratory screen and confirmation drug test. It is ideal for workplace drug testing as it has a shorter detection window than urine testing, along with other obvious benefits such as sample collection time and set-up facilities.

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Urine lab screen and confirmation drug test

Urine drug testing is still the most popular method of testing for drugs of abuse. This particular test is a full laboratory screen with confirmation test. It has a longer detection window than oral fluid drug testing and is used for a variety of purposes in the workplace and for private drug testing.

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Hair drug test

This is the drug test of choice for proving abstinence in court for a variety of legal purposes. It provides a historical timeline for drug use and can also be used in the workplace for individuals in high profile positions of responsibility.

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Workplace medicals

We provide the most popular workplace medicals, such as Safety Critical CBH and Rail PTS. We have Medical Centres conveniently located through the UK. Appointments can be made for your staff for periodic and pre-employment medicals at any one of our centres.

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Urine instant point of care drug test

Although this urine drug test is not legally defensible used in isolation, it can be used in conjunction with the laboratory drug test and is widely used in the workplace for random and pre-employment testing. It’s main benefit is the instant drug screen result that is obtained.

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Hair alcohol test

Similar to the hair drug test, hair alcohol testing provides a historic timeline of alcohol consumption and potential abuse. Again, this is the alcohol test of choice when providing evidence to court of abstinence from alcohol.

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Blood alcohol test

Blood alcohol testing is used in conjunction with the hair alcohol test to provide a more detailed analysis of any chronic alcohol use. On occasion, a court may ask for this to be performed depending on the nature of the allegation.

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Breath alcohol test

This method of alcohol testing is used widely in conjunction with oral fluid and urine drug testing in the workplace. It is normally best policy practice to perform breath alcohol testing when performing a drug test. All of our breathalysers our Home Office approved in accordance with Network Rail drug testing.

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